Welcome to EUROCAR: Over 25 Years of Luxury

EUROCAR knows that searching for a luxury or exotic car is filled with high expectations. That’s why they have been exceeding those expectations for the past 25 years. How do they do it? There’s no single answer to that question. Instead, there are a long list of ways EUROCAR makes buying or selling luxury or exotic cars through them a seamless and enjoyable experience. You can get an idea of what we mean when you scroll down below.


We’re well known for our expansive indoor showroom and our amazing selection of unique vehicles. We carry all luxury brands and models and welcome you to drive and experience them. Our showroom has 150-200 luxury vehicles in inventory at all times.


Whether you’re located down the street or located in another state, we’re able to deliver your new vehicle, anywhere in the U.S.


An on-site service center is here for your convenience. From synthetic oil changes, to filter changes and brake pad replacement, our technicians provide a seamless experience for you and your vehicle.


Whether you’re walking, driving, or flying in, we’re here to be of assistance. We provide chauffeur service to and from John Wayne airport, and also able to provide nearby lodging, dining, and shopping recommendations.

When you’re shopping at Eurocar, we want you to feel at home. We have on-site staff that can speak to you in a multitude of languages, such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Spanish, and German.

Our after sales concierge services include car customizations such as window tinting, paint protection film, vehicle wraps, chrome trim blackout, aftermarket wheels, and body kits.


Members of our detail team are obsessive perfectionists. We’re all about perfectly detailed cars, and we make sure every car in our showroom has the most immaculate glow you’ve ever seen.


The VAULT at Eurocar is the latest addition to complete and compliment your luxury lifestyle. We carry the finest optical frames from Paradis, Shamballa, Maybach, Bentley, Gold & Wood, and Dita, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry and timepieces from Titan Black Rolex and more.


We want your experience at Eurocar to be relaxing. We’ve hand-sourced the finest materials and compiled them into in an elegant lounge for your relaxation and comfort.

From the latest lifestyle magazines to our 165″ movie screen, we welcome you to sit down and enjoy our complimentary coffee specialities or a selection of S.Pellegrino sparkling waters.

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