10 things you CANNOT do in a supercar in India that you can do in a regular car!

Who does not like a supercar? It is a dream of every automobile enthusiast but there are many reasons that keep people with large bank balances away from supercars. Supercars are not practical, especially in India where the road infrastructure is not ready to handle such expensive vehicles. What are the ten things that you can do with your regular car but not a supercar? Well, here is a list.

Take speed breakers lightly anymore

Speed breakers are nuisance anywhere you go, even with your regular mass-segment cars. Speed breakers in India could most easily be the cause of damage in most cases. They are also the primary reason why people are all the more hesitant to buy supercars. Many known international manufacturers have had to factor speed breakers in, to introduce their supercars in the Indian market. The network is highly distorted. They are uneven in height and can crop up in the middle of the most unexpected places. They can easily damage the underbelly of any supercar to an extent that’s going to burn a hole in the owner’s pocket.

Use even 10% of the power on public roads

Urban India is densely populated due to the lack of opportunities available in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities of India and most of the supercar owners are also residing in these highly populated regions. These areas also have the highest number of the middle class and upper-middle-class people, with excellent credit histories to afford a car of their choice and budget. This leads to more and more traffic on the road, which in turn results into people with supercars not being able to exhaust its actual power on the roads. Most of the supercars come with 500+ Bhp and would feel highly privileged for the times they can floor it to their maximum power.

Parking in peace

The biggest cause of concern for you, if you own a supercar is to find safe parking spots. It is natural for people to be curious about something that they can only dream of owning. Onlookers would want to get a closer look of the car, fiddle with whatever they can while it is not under surveillance or simply want to look for the rich and famous person riding or driving inside the car. They could also cause minor damages like scratches, intentionally or unintentionally. Maybe because of this we don’t see supercars parked in mall parking or public parking easily.

Be discreet in traffic

Of course, you’re a supercar owner and of course one of the reasons is that you wanted to own a head turner but this is going to be a bigger problem than you can imagine. It could potentially be a huge turn-off, invading your personal space. People who are really curious and excited to spot the car, could instantly take out their phones and start clicking pictures. Fellow drivers on the road could also try to drive closer, just to look inside. The worst of the issues is that you could be challenged for a race on the road, which you should definitely not dwell into.

Be alone

Forget supercars, motorists in India get attracted to even newly launched vehicles and would want to get a good look of the vehicle. However, if you’re inside a supercar or superbike, you cannot avoid attention on the public roads. Supercars almost immediately get attention wherever they go. It’s even not unusual to have a whole mob of people surrounding your car and even blocking your way, just cause they want to feed their fascination of being too close to something they can’t own. We have even seen traffic police, posing with such cars.

Fill from any fuel station

Supercars are powered by high-performance engines and use some of the futuristic technologies that are yet to make way to mass-segment cars. Which means that you have to be extra careful when it comes to fuel. Any low-grade fuel going into the fuel tank of a supercar can prove fatal for the vehicle. Low-quality fuel can cause a lot of trouble in the high-end supercars compared to the mass-segment cars that have much lesser number of electronics involved. Also, due to the high compression ratio, high octane fuel is preferred.

Can’t take the car anywhere without doing homework

Indian roads can throw surprises at you anytime anywhere. While the regular mass-segment cars are equipped enough with ground clearance to take on broken roads, supercars can’t. Supercar owners always need to do a recce to ensure that they are not stuck on the route. When they don’t, things like this video shows may happen.

Extra attention from the cops

Since supercars attract a lot of attention, you just cannot get away from the cops after making a mistake. If you’re driving a supercar, you’re already on the radar of the cops. While many police officers will overlook the mistakes made by supercar owners, most cops don’t do that.

Get the car repaired quickly

Audi R8 Roadside Garage

Since supercars are only imported to India and not manufactured here, the spare parts are not easily available. Supercars need special care and treatment and only experts can handle them. Getting a supercar repaired in India may take weeks or even months depending on the availability of parts.

No roadside mechanic

You cannot simply drop off your supercar to a roadside mechanic to change the sparkplug or find out what’s wrong with the vehicle. We’ve covered how the supercars come with complicated engines and high-end mechanisms which means that not even the most trusted car mechanic you’ve known, would have the knowledge to fix it. Even in emergencies, it’s better to wait out for the right kind of help you need and not go to the next mechanic you come across, as the stakes are too high. Major damages caused by someone who doesn’t understand the car can take a lot of time, money and effort to be fixed.

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