This Mahindra XUV500 has sofas for seats [Video]

Modification or customisation of a car or a bike is a huge industry in India and around the world. People customise or modify their cars of bike to give it a personal touch to it. As mentioned, it is a huge industry in itself and variety of options are available for customers who are looking to personalise their vehicles. We have seen several examples of modified cars and bikes in India and many of them have been featured on our website too. Here we have a video that shows a Mahindra XUV500 with ultra comfortable sofa-like seats.

The video has been uploaded by Pegasus Premium- Style Your Drive on their youtube channel. Only interiors on this XUV500 has been customised as per customer demand. Seats play a very crucial role in any vehicle. If the seats are not comfortable in a car, then driver and passenger will not be able enjoy the drive. In this case, the customer has gone for ultra comfortable seats that offer a lot more comfort than regular seats.

As seen in the video, the customer has gone for a bright tan colour for the seats with velvet touch in it. Proper sofa like cushioning and premium materials have been used inside the car to provide utmost comfort. It looks like, as if a sofa has been installed inside the car. The seat according to the video provides proper lumbar support and offers good support to the back and under thigh as well.

Only the seats on this XUV500 has been customised and according to the video, the owner will be making few more customisation in future. The front seats even get cushions with memory foam better comfort. One of the drawback of these type of seats is that they will take up some amount of space inside the cabin because they have a lot more cushioning than regular seats. Whoever is planning to make such a customisation will have to be sure whether he is looking for comfort or wants a roomier cabin. The video does not say what is the exact price of this customisation.