Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC Releases Video Game Concept

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Larry Kosilla and AMMO NYC. While his detailing business has received substantial traction in the automotive space, things used to be different. A car enthusiast since day one, after facing burnout in the finance industry Kosilla transitioned to high-end detailing; following spectacular success, he’s now dipped his toes into the video game industry, teasing Car Detailing Simulator.

Along with experiencing the transformation of an automobile from filthy to fine, this title is much more than just a reboot of Car Wash Simulator. It allows you to uncover lost pieces of automotive history and restore them to their former glory – consider it a Larry Kosilla simulator of sorts. After spending as little or as much time as you like on the restoration, you are able to post the reinvigorated car online and reap the benefits of your labor. With the profits, you can expand and improve your business to attract more lucrative clients.

As there’s already a community of detailing enthusiasts that would bite your arm off for such a game, things are looking very promising. However, titles like these need to come up with a way to keep things fresh; the last thing you want is for people to steamroll through the experience and move on after running out of content.

A proper release date remains to be seen, but we’d wager this is actually good news – no publisher or developer wants a title riddled with bugs and other defects on debut. Semantics aside, it appears that the game will initially launch on PC via Steam, and hopefully be followed by a port to console platforms.