India’s first and only Tata Tiago JTP with lowering springs

Tata launched performance JTP twins in 2018 and then it got discontinued earlier this year. Tata did not update the Tiago JTP and the Tigor JTP to meet the BS6 emission norms. Nonetheless, there are many enthusiasts who own the Tiago JTP and the Tigor JTP in India and love driving them around. Since the JTP Twins are cars made for the enthusiasts, upgrades and modifications are unavoidable. Well, here is the first Tata Tiago JTP with lower springs and it is the only car in India with this set-up. Here are the details.

The modification job has been done by AMRacing, who have also prepared India’s fastest Maruti Suzuki Ignis. These are Cobra lowering springs that are specially made for the Tata Tiago and the Tata Tiago JTP. The difference in the stance with and without the lowering springs is extremely stark.

With the lowering springs, the Tiago JTP certainly looks much more aggressive. There are a few other additions to this Tata Tiago JTP including side skirting, tinted tail lamps, and a bumper splitter. Overall, this Tata Tiago JTP looks quite different from the stock version. You can know the cost of the installation and the cost of the lowering springs by contacting AMRacing directly. They also stock lowering springs for many different models available in the Indian market.

There is a low of pros and cons when it comes to the lowering springs. The benefits include improved handling as the lowering springs are stiffer than the stock suspension system. Also, the ride becomes stiffer, which reduces the body roll while taking high-speed corners. Other than that, the stiffer suspension also improves the traction of the car and it also makes the car look much more aggressive than stock.

It should be noted that the original suspension of this Tata Tiago JTP was sent to the Netherlands where they were set-up professionally. It takes about 25 days to do that. The rear gets progressive springs that are made by keeping Indian condition in mind. Which means the ride quality is not affected as much and you will still be able to enjoy the roads while getting stiffer suspension set-up. The front gets a 25mm drop while the rear gets 20mm drop. The drop does not affect the ground clearance much, however, it reduces the distance between the wheel arch and the wheels.

Mr Prashant Sharma, the owner of this Tata Tiago JTP took the car on a highway run of 300 km from Delhi to Panipat. Here is his experience,

The cobra springs are pretty good and heavy springs compared to Mubea Springs in JTP. The weight and progressive nature (Both soft and hard springs) is quiet evident as compared to OEM springs. The car feels more joy to drive triple digit speeds are felt like a piece of cake now. The car feels adherent to the tarmac and the steering response have improved drastically it has more weighted- steering now compared to stock which gives you highway confidence. Braking system have completely changed with it the car as it don’t dive infront at all. No bodyroll in highspeed overtaking at all feels like a hefty luxury car to be driven now. Sharp U turns/ Curves can be taken at 80-90kmph which gives even more confident to the driver. The throw of occupants both at the front and back when accelerated hard/ braked is very well-contained. I would commend Cobra Springs to every enthusiast who is looking to upgrade their rides for performance.

However most other lowering spring set-ups will be bone-jarring on Indian roads, since the Indian roads are not very smooth, the stiffer suspension can reduce the comfort of the ride. Also, the tyres may wear out quicker and life reduces as the suspension does not absorb most of the undulations. Due to the lowering springs, the ground clearance is affected by a few millimetres, which may cause your vehicle to bottom-out on the speed-breakers. It also affects your vehicle’s warranty.

Installing lowering springs sure do makes the ride look way cooler than the stock but make sure that you do take a test drive in a car before installing them in your car. It is a reversible modification and you can remove it whenever you want.