Indian Maruti Swift modified with imported Swift Sport kit!

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the popular mid-size hatchbacks sold in India. It is a good looking hatchback and is quite fuel efficient too. It is a popular vehicle in car modification circles and we have seen several modified examples on internet as well. One of the common type of modification seen in the Swift is the installation of Swift Sport kit. Here we have a video that shows how a regular Maruti Swift was converted or modified to look like a Swift Sport. Swift Sport is available in international market and is not expected to hit Indian shores anytime soon.

The video has been uploaded by Rahul Singh on his youtube channel and this modification is shown in 2 videos. The first part shows how the front grille, front and rear bumper have been removed and the second part shows how the these parts are installed. The vlogger had bought Swift Sport kit which comes with front grille, bumper (both front and rear), fog lamp garnish and side skirts. All the parts are made of ABS plastic which is of good quality. The garage then removes the front and rear bumper and then they safely remove the parking sensors from the stock bumper and after taking measurements, drill holes into the Swift Sport bumper.

Once that was done, the fake exhaust tips of the Sport bumper were removed and the blacked out tips were given. The second video shows how the front and rear bumper and other parts are painted and wrapped. The panels that the vlogger had purchased were of black colour and the stock colour of his Swift was white.

The garage then paint s the bumper in white shade and the front splitter gets a black paint with glitters in it. The side skirts get black treatment and according to vlogger, the kit was perfectly fitting with the panels on the car. The same gloss black paint was applied on the front grille, fog lamp garnish and the Suzuki logo. Once the paint had dried, the front and the rear bumpers were wrapped in Yellow which matches with the original Swift Sport.

The finished product however looks absolutely stunning. The wrap and paint job on this car was done by Wrapaholix and they have done a pretty neat job of it. The vlogger had done the fully body wrap from them in the past and a video of the same is available on his youtube channel.