AD: GoCar Subs introduces ‘One Price’ standard rate structure and Swap, up to three different models a year

On-demand car-sharing platform GoCar, which announced an expansion of its car subscription programme back in August, has now introduced a new price structure for its GoCar Subs offerings.

The new, streamlined ‘One Price’ structure aims to simplify the selection process for customers by grouping the wide range of vehicles available in the GoCar Subs’ fleet into just five main categories, covering national-made brands like Perodua and Proton to luxury brands like Mini, Mercedes-Benz and more.

Each category – called Cheap, Base, Plus, Expat and Luxe – offers one standard rate across all the models represented, with multiple plan options (weekly, monthly, 12-month, 24-month and 36-month) for customers to choose from. Previously, rates were separately priced for each individual model.

A quick snapshot of the new GoCar Subs ‘One Price’ structure. Click to enlarge.

Unlike car ownership, there’s no need to set aside funds for miscellaneous costs. The monthly fees in a GoCar Subs package comes inclusive of comprehensive insurance, road tax, regular servicing and maintenance, and independently rated car inspection.

Besides the new ‘One Price’ structure, the company has also announced ‘Swap’, where customers who subscribe to 12-month plans and longer get to swap to any other vehicle within the GoCar Subs garage.

After a minimum of three months of using a vehicle in a 12-month and longer plan, you’ll be able to select an alternative vehicle to swap to. All you need to do is make a one-time swapping fee of RM250 (which is waived in the first year of subscription), and that’s that. Your monthly subscription fee is then automatically adjusted when you swap, which can be up or down depending on the vehicle you’ve selected.

Each customer is allowed two swaps per year, so customers have access to up to three different models per year. The company says the programme has been designed to offer consumers wider access and flexibility to what they drive and when they want to drive it.

Additionally, GoCar is also collaborating with Shopee Malaysia, with the setting up of an official store within the Shopee Mall featuring all the offerings from GoCar Subs. In conjunction with this collaboration, the company is offering an exclusive deal on the Nissan Almera – available only via Shopee, limited units of the car are available on a weekly subscription at a special rate of RM299 (normal price, RM499) and a monthly plan at RM599 (normal price, RM1,699).

GoCar Subs is open to all Malaysian citizens and residents (valid international driving permits are also accepted). To subscribe, applicants only need to submit a copy of their driving license, identity card or passport, three months of payslips, an EPF statement and a three-month bank statement.

From now until December 31, customers can take advantage of the NEW2SUBS offering to enjoy further savings – sign up for a 12-month or above subscription plan and get the first month free and 50% off the second and third-month subscription fee.

Additionally, customers also get a free mileage upgrade to 2,500 km monthly from 1,650 km, as well as the above-mentioned swapping fee waiver for the first year if they decide to swap models or vehicles.

Find out more about the ‘One Price’ standard rate structure and the Swap programme on GoCar’s website, or visit the GoCar store at Shopee Malaysia.

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