Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World – Top Speeds

1) SSC Tuatara 331 Miles Per Hour (Official)

As the successor to their Ultimate Aero, Jerod Shelby (not related to Carroll) and his team needed more power. Knowing that a flat-plane V8 would easily rev to 9,000 rpm, they commissioned Nelson Racing Engines to build a 5.9-liter V8 by hand. Using Nelson’s patented Mirror-Image turbos, this American hypercar sends 1,750 horsepower and 1,280 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. This allowed them to reach a top speed of 331 mph for an official 2-way average of 316.11 mph.

2) Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 304 miles per hour (unofficial)

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport recently gained a crown as the fastest car in the world. Working with Dallara to optimize the aerodynamics, the latest Bugatti Chiron was clocked at 304.773 miles per hour at the Volkswagen proving grounds near Wolfsburg, Germany in August of 2019. It was a one-way run due to the track surface so ineligible for a world record.

3) Koenigsegg Agera RS- 277.87 Miles Per Hour (official)

On a closed Nevada highway, Christian von Koenigsegg and company pushed their car into the history books. Their 2-way average of 277.87 spurred the innovation to design the Jesko for over 300 mph.

4) Hennessey Venom GT — 270.49 Miles Per Hour (official)

All too happy to see the Veyron fall, Texas-based-tuner-turned-manufacturer Hennessey says it Venom GT, based heavily on the Lotus Exige, is the new speed king, reaching 265.7 miles per hour in two miles, two fewer miles compared to the Veyron’s top-speed run. It accomplished this feat on February 9, 2013, at the Naval Air Station Lemoore in Lemoore, California, and it has a video to prove it. With Hennessey claiming its Venom GT produces 1,244 horsepower and weighs only 2,743 pounds, we have no reason to believe it isn’t true.

5) Bugatti Chiron — 261 Miles Per Hour

The Bugatti Chiron comes in as the Veyron’s successor and ultimately outruns it when it comes to top speed. That’s all thanks to the 1,479 horsepower that the massive 8-liter W16 engine pumps out.


6) Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse — 254.0 Miles Per Hour (official)

With the Veyron coupe no longer in production and officially dethroned by Guinness, Bugatti released the Super Sport’s open-top twin on the Ehra-Lessien test track with Chinese racecar driver Anthony Liu at the wheel. Together, they were able to set a new world record for a roadster of 254.0 miles per hour.


7) Bugatti Veyron 16.4 — 253.8 Miles Per Hour (unofficial)

Bugatti set the whole world into a top-speed tizzy when it claimed that it averaged 253.8 miles per hour on April 19, 2005, with its then-new million-dollar supercar, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Bugatti was looking to become the world’s fastest production car, even preparing the car aerodynamically for the task with a Top Speed mode that shut a pair of diffuser flaps in the front and aligned the rear spoiler with the chassis.


8) Koenigsegg CCR — 240.1 Miles Per Hour (official)

We know; we know. How is the 806-horsepower Koenigsegg CCR on our list when the 1,140-horsepower Koenigsegg Agera R is not? While it is true that the latter would handily outgun the former, Koenigsegg only speculates that the Agera R has a top speed of—wait for it—273 miles per hour. On the other hand, it has proved that the Koenigsegg CCR is capable of 240.1 miles per hour, taking the title from the McLaren F1 on the Nardò Ring on February 28, 2005.

9) McLaren F1 — 240.1 Miles Per Hour (official)

Jonathan Palmer reportedly drove the F1 prototype XP3 around Italy’s Nardo test track at 231 mph, the production units’ limited top speed, but on March 31, 1998, racecar driver Andy Wallace piloted the delimited McLaren prototype XP5 to an average of 240.1 miles per hour at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track. It still holds the crown for the world’s fastest production car with a naturally aspirated engine.

10) Aston Martin One-77 — 220.0 Miles Per Hour (unofficial)

Aston Martin said one of the 77 One-77s achieved a top speed of 220.0 miles per hour during testing, setting a new record for an Aston Martin car.

We don’t intend to presume any examples of these are “affordable”. But they are all attainable if you want an incredibly fast production car. Click the button to find yours and stay with us for all your exotic car news.

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