Top 10 Best 2022 Hummer EV Facts and Features

There are a lot of cool 2022 Hummer EV facts that have come to light after it’s unveiling. That being said, here is a list of what I think are the ten most insane facts and features regarding the new Hummer EV. If you think something should be added to the list, be sure to leave it in a comment down below.

11,500 lb-ft of Wheel Torque

One of the coolest Hummer EV facts is how much power it has. Thanks to the Hummer EV’s Ultium battery technology, it packs 11,500 lb-ft of wheel torque and 1,000 horsepower. It should be mentioned that wheel torque is much different than engine torque, but we expect the new Hummer EV to pack four-figures worth of engine torque.

Crabwalk Mode

Even though the Hummer EV doesn’t have claws, it can still walk like a crab. Thanks to the Crabwalk Mode, the new electric SUV can drive diagonally by turning the wheels in the same direction. This could be handy for tricky off-road sections.

Lunar Landing References

If you happen to purchase the 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1, you’ll notice a few special design in the cabin thanks to the Lunar Horizon interior. Depictions of the Sea of Tranquility, where the first manned landing on the moon happened, can be found along with boot imprints.

Watts to Freedom Mode

The new Hummer EV is more than just an off-roader like the original Hummers. In fact, there’s a mode that’s all about going fast. When the ‘Watts to Freedom’ mode is activated, the suspension is lowered, the seats rumble and unique bass sounds pour out of the speakers. When launched in this mode, the Hummer EV’s 0 to 60 mph time is just around 3 seconds.

Underbody Armor

Underneath the Hummer EV are a series of steel plates that protect the battery from any rocks that may try and attack the battery during an off-road excursion. This will definitely give some peace of mind to those looking to climb treacherous trails.

Four-Panel Roof

When driving the new Hummer EV, you have plenty of roof options thanks to the four-panel modular roof system. You can take each of the roof panels off, meaning you can leave two on in the back if you’d like or even just remove one. What’s more, the frunk (front trunk) can fit all four of the panels.

Extract Mode

The engineers behind the Hummer EV know that some drivers may find themselves in tricky situations when out off of the beaten path. For that, they created Extract Mode which lifts the vehicle up by about six inches to it can ford deep waters or travel of boulders.

18 Camera Views

Those tired of having spotters handy for rock climbing will be happy to know the Hummer EV’s extensive camera system called “UltraVision” has you covered. With cameras underneath and strategically places around the body, the 18 different camera view will allow the driver to navigate around any obstacle. Also, the

200 kWh Battery Pack

This may not seem that insane at first, but trust me, it is. GMC have packed the Hummer EV with the largest battery pack of any road-going vehicle. All you really need to do to get an idea of its power is to compare to the Tesla Model X which has a 100 kWh-battery pack. Your move, Elon Musk.

Charging Lights

Speaking of battery power, the 2022 Hummer EV has a really cool feature when charging. After being plugged in, the headlights and taillights begin light up in a sweeping fashion to indicate it’s charging.

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