Tesla discreetly raises price of Supercharging by almost 25 per cent in Australia

Tesla Superchargers – which allow electric vehicle owners to recharge at a high speed – have become more expensive to use.

Electric-car specialist Tesla discreetly raised the cost of Supercharger usage by almost 25 per cent in Australia this month.

Tesla Model 3 owner Wan told CarAdvice yesterday that – without notice – the per kW pricing increased from $0.42 to $0.52 sometime between his last two charges.

“That’s a lot more expensive. I hadn’t realised they’d done that,” he noted.

A spokesperson for Tesla declined to comment when approached by CarAdvice, however analysis of the brand’s archived website via the WayBack Machine confirms that such a change did take place in the last three weeks.

In September the cost of Supercharging a Model 3 Long Range variant from zero to 100 per cent was set at approximately $35 – the same service would now cost about $43.30.

The move follows the California-based manufacturer’s recent decision to lower the entry level price of some models by almost $7000.

There are currently 35 functional Supercharger sites operating in Australia, with a further seven under development.