Skoda develops app that listens to your car’s problems

The Skoda Sound Analyser program records the noises your car makes during operation, and then compares these to a bank of referential sound patterns to identify and rectify faults.

Skoda claims to have trialled a smartphone app capable of diagnosing vehicle faults through audio analysis.

This – according to the Volkswagen-owned manufacturer – could potentially lead to cheaper, shorter, and more effective servicing in the future.

The system works by recording noises made by the car during operation, and then comparing these with a stored bank of referential sound patterns.

If discrepancies are identified, an algorithm determines the most likely cause, and prompts technicians with effective resolutions.

According to the company, the process can be used to troubleshoot numerous vehicle components including the engine, steering system, air conditioning compressor, and clutches in the direct-shift gearbox.

Trials in 14 countries – including Germany, Russia, Austria and France – have reportedly shown a 90 per cent success rate at identifying and rectifying faults.

However, the aptly named Skoda Sound Analyser is not yet available outside the controlled testing program.

When asked if the system might be considered for use in Australia, a spokesperson for Skoda told CarAdvice it was “a little premature to speak of future uses.”