Meet the super RARE Sooraj 325cc Diesel motorcycle that delivers 80 KMPL: Beautifully restored [Video]

We have seen many videos of restored vintage motorcycles on our website. The bikes that we have seen in our stories are either a Yamaha RX100 or a Royal Enfield Bullet. This time around we have video of an extremely rare motorcycle that has been beautifully modified by its owner. The motorcycle seen in the video is so rare that many of us may not have even heard about its name. What makes this bike special is the fact that it is a diesel powered motorcycle and it is NOT a Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus. It is Sooraj 325 diesel motorcycle and the owner has done a great job restoring it to original condition.

The video has been uploaded by Royal Roads 500 on their youtube channel. The bike is situated in Coimbatore and the vlogger travelled over 180 kms just to have a closer look at it. Before we get more into the restoration part, here is a brief introduction about this brand. Sooraj was basically a tractor manufacturer in the the 90’s and were a known name in the market. The brand manufactured Sooraj for a very short period of time and only a limited number of bikes were sold in the market due to various reasons. It used a diesel engine similar to Royal Enfield. Many people mistake it for a Royal Enfield because of its engine design.

The owner who is seen in the video had bought this bike an year ago and it was in scrap condition when purchased. The previous owner had painted the bike in black and had pasted Royal Enfield stickers. The whole bike was repainted and restored by a workshop near by and the owner definitely had difficulties sourcing the parts. According to him, it took him almost an year to complete this project.

The owner has tried to keep all the parts original and that shows the love that he has towards this bike. This has been one of his pet projects and apart from this he has couple of other restored motorcycles as well. The main advantage of this Greaves Lombardini diesel engine is that it was very fuel efficient and it return somewhere between 70-80 kmpl and has a fuel tank capacity of 8 litres.

It is a heavy motorcycle which is one of the reasons why it did not become popular in the market. The engine is also restored and it still has the old plate on it too. It has that typical diesel engine type exhaust note which will remind you of some tractors. The video does not mention the amount that he has spent on the bike. It is without any doubt one of the rarest and beautiful restoration work that we have seen in recent times.