Gallery: Dune bashing in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

You’ve seen LandCruisers and Patrols bashing over the dunes of Dubai and beyond, yeah? Well, forget those, because this is the new benchmark.

Right here is where I could insert a (unexpectedly alliterative) joke about which dirty big dune basher Darth Vader would terrorise Tatooine in before dashing to Dagobah.

Or, considering we’re talking about dunes, perhaps a joke on what the Duke of Caladan would tour the spice mines of Arrakis in…

Of course, here in the real world, the jokes are hardly needed at all. The number of videos you can find on YouTube of folks in the Middle East launching over the tip of a dune hill in big V8 Toyota LandCruisers and Nissan Patrols (or their Lexus and Infiniti forms) is almost innumerable.

Now, there’s this: the $685,000, 420kW/850Nm Rolls-Royce Cullinan tearing it up in only the best sand-blasting way.

Perhaps short on news this week (easy enough when you only have a few models on offer), the local Rolls Royce agency delivered these photos to our inbox – and I was happy to live vicariously for a few minutes through the exploits of this “local patron”.

The release reads: “A local patron of luxury took his Sapphire Black Cullinan and brought ‘supreme liberty’ to life as he took the world-famous Rolls-Royce ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ off-road and onto the graceful and imposing dunes.

“Discovering new horizons on the golden sands, the outcrops and the steep sandy cliffs, Cullinan became a force of nature, and led by the Spirit of Ecstasy, surfed over high and low terrains with absolute authority. Undulating smoothly and quietly, Cullinan floats across this unforgiving landscape, making the journey seamless and magical.”

It’s just a different universe for some folks, isn’t it…

Enjoy these shots of Local Patron’s desert delights!