Ford joins the hunt for mythical ‘Otway Puma’

First, there was ‘Tiger King’ – now 2020 has gifted us another big cat saga, but with a local spin.

Sometimes cross-marketing opportunities are too good to pass up.

In the lore of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, the state of Victoria has its own mythical creature that is rumoured to prowl the lush forests of the south-west. The Otway Puma.

Seemingly only ever spotted in poor light by people with terrible cameras, the mysterious feline has caught the attention of the team at Ford, who along with the research team at Big Cats Victoria, are seeking to put an end to the hearsay and provide conclusive proof that the Otway Puma exists.

Ford, obviously, is linking this to the launch of the Puma SUV, and will produce a fun online video series with TV presenter Stacy Thompson (Ranger Stacy to the rest of us) as she aids in the search.

Additionally, a spokesperson from Ford has said that “Ford Australia is helping to supply equipment and field cameras to support Big Cats Victoria’s search for the Puma in the Australian bush”.

The connection extends beyond serendipitous naming connections too, as some of these large cats have previously been sighted in the You Yang mountains, which is adjacent to the Ford Proving Ground near Geelong.

Australian television host and self-described ‘big cat truther’ Grant Denyer also claims he’s even had interstate sightings of a mysterious, panther-like feline, taking to social media to document several sightings of the alleged beast on his Bathurst property.

While we all know what happened when Mercedes-Benz sent a couple of ML SUVs to a remote island off the coast of Costa Rica in search of a T-Rex, the reported Otway Puma sightings are too broad, and scientifically plausible to be wholly considered to be a work of fiction, and we can only hope that the mystery will finally be solved with the addition of high-resolution cameras dedicated to the task.

I for one, am keen for answers. If 2020 gives us one thing, let it be this.