Around the tracks: A beached Maserati and a brilliant Ferris Bueller spoof

Plus, Lamborghini’s bizarre photo series, Eddie Van Halen’s car collection and a 1970s resto-mod motor home.

When we’re not creating it ourselves, the CarAdvice team spends a lot of time finding and consuming motoring content from all over the world.

Here’s a handful of the photos, articles, videos or social media posts that most caught our eye last week. Some of them are brand new, others have been online for a while.

Enjoy them – just not too much, okay?

1. Local man gets Maserati stuck in sand dunes, spectacularly fails at rescue attempt

Here’s a tip: If you own a Maserati Ghibli, don’t take it off-roading. Especially not if there are sand dunes involved.

Whether this was for an ill-advised internet stunt, or merely the result of peak cluelessness, a Ghibli owner in New South Wales recently made the nightly news when they decided to take their car onto the dunes of Port Stephens, with fairly disastrous results.

As if the beaching saga wasn’t enough, the rescue attempt was even worse – with an incorrectly attached snatch strap resulting in even more damage to the car.

Watch the troubling footage below.

2. Lamborghini’s latest creative endeavour is… unique, to say the least

It’s been a weird year. We’ve all been cooped up, we’re questioning the way we used to do things and we’re starting to try new things to stave off the burnout.

Lamborghini is, apparently, no exception. The Italian luxury car brand has really thought outside of the box with its latest marketing campaign.

The photo series sees Lamborghini cars placed in locations throughout Italy, with anonymous models in morph suits posing alongside the models in an effort to capture the country as it rebounds from COVID-19.

The results are… well…. we’ll leave you to decide.

The whole campaign is hilariously summed in this article from The Drive titled “Let’s Check In On Lamborghini… Oh. Okay” and we thoroughly recommend you give it a read.

Here’s a little sample:

3. Eddie Van Halen’s love of cars

This week, the world is mourning Californian rocker Eddie Van Halen after he passed away on October 6 at the age of 65.

While music fans are paying tribute to the Van Halen guitarist for his renowned shredding skills and captivating performances, the automotive world is also remembering a man whose passion for performing was only matched by his love for cars and the track.

In fact, one of Van Halen’s most iconic songs, Panama, features the sound of Eddie’s own Lamborghini Miura revving.

Throughout his life, Eddie also owned two Audi R8s – one a V8 and the other a V10 – a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Ferrari 550.

But of all the coverage of his cars, we particularly loved this interview the late rocker did with Car and Driver back in 2016, in which he compared the thrill of performing with the rush of taking to the track.

“The adrenaline rush is similar,” he said. “You’re always pushing the edge, on stage live and driving on a track. But improvising at the drop of a hat is the biggest thing. There are no do-overs. If you spin out, you spin out.”

Read the full interview here, in which he also recalls his most memorable drive (and it’s an excellent story befitting a rock’n’roll legend).

4. This 1970s resto-mod motorhome

We see your quarantine project car and raise you this: a GMC Motorhome from the 1970s that one man is modifying for a cross-country road trip.

According to Motor1, Arizona man Robert Nuccio purchased the off-road-friendly motorhome 12 years ago and has spent the ensuing years meticulously improving it.

These improvements include an all-new chassis and adjustable air suspension, plus winches at the front and rear.

The result is like something out of National Lampoon’s Vacation: Off-road edition.

To read about Nuccio’s full restoration journey, click here.

5. This clever Ferris Bueller spoof advertising a garage-door opener

Rarely are modern reimaginings of classic movies handled well, so colour us surprised that Liftmaster, the US company that produces electric garage-door openers, has managed to deliver a not-so-awful 2020 parody of the 1986 favourite, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The ad recreates the famous scene where Ferris and his best friend Cameron “borrow” Cameron’s dad’s beloved 1961 Ferrari 250GT California for a day of debauchery.

Except in this version – the car is actually a 1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster and the heist doesn’t quite go according to plan.

Watch it until the end for a cameo from the original Cameron himself, actor Alan Ruck.