2021 Infiniti QX80 Hits 1,200-Mile Rebelle Endurance Rally

The Rebelle Rally isn’t a walk in the park. The 1,200-mile endurance rally race stretches from Lake Tahoe to the Imperial Sand Dunes near the U.S.-Mexico border, traversing various challenging terrains and unchartered routes.

Participants can’t use high-tech navigational tools, as well, with only compasses, roadbooks, and maps allowed to use. Most importantly, all participants are female, showcasing what women can do in these types of tough endurance races.

With that said, the rally series warrants an equally capable vehicle, too, and Infiniti has put their best foot forward with the 2021 QX80.

California-based company Calmini Products, Inc. prepared the QX80 for the Rebelle Rally. The Nissan Patrol/Armada-based luxury SUV gets a 3-inch lift, off-road suspension components, custom front and rear bumpers, heavy-duty control arms, thicker skid plates, and chunky all-terrain tires. Inside, the rally-bred QX80 is nothing short of premium, so we’re sure the team at the helm gets a bit of pampering while traversing the exigent course.

Speaking of team, the women at the 2021 QX80’s cockpit are driver Nicole Wakelin and navigator Alice Chase of Team Wander Women.

“I’m excited to be driving a luxury SUV in such a challenging, adventurous and pioneering event. The QX80 has real capability, but it’s not the kind of vehicle most people take off-road. Sure, everyone knows you can tackle that rutted dirt road up to the family cabin or driving across the grass and dirt to park at a local fair, but taking it out into the desert? Into sand dunes? That’s different, and that makes this exciting,” Wakelin said.

The Rebelle Rally is currently happening as of this writing and will conclude on October 17, 2020.