2020 Honda City vs New Hyundai Verna: Owner review on video

Honda City and Hyundai Verna are some of the popular mid size sedans currently available in the country. Both vehicles have their own set of fans because of their looks, refinement and features list. Both vehicles compete with Maruti Ciaz, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento in the segment. Here we have a comparison video that shows why the vlogger went for Honda City over Hyundai Verna.

The video has been uploaded by Fake Maxx on his youtube channel. The video has two parts and the first part seen above simply compares the space offered by both the vehicles. The vlogger starts by saying that Honda City offers more space on the inside. He had set the front or driver side seat for his height and even then he had ample amount of leg room in the rear.

The Verna also offers decent amount of space at the rear but, it is not as much as the City. He even shows the space at the front where the City again wins. The main reason why City is winning is because, it is longer and wider than the Hyundai Verna. Other reason why he wnet for City is because he wanted a classic looking sedan and the Hyundai Verna had more or a sporty design.

The Verna seen in the video is SX trim and Honda City is VX. Both the sedans are decently equipped in terms of features but, just like any other Hyundai car, Verna is the winner here because of the long list of features available in it. The Vlogger even did not like the alloy wheels available with SX trim of Verna in comparison to the one seen in City.

He was very impressed with the fit and finish of the interiors in both the vehicles but the touchscreen infotainment screen in Verna was better in terms of clarity. Overall, the owner was very impressed with the refined petrol engine of the City and that is why he went for it. He says on video that he felt that Hyundai Verna is a good car but, Honda City is a much better option even though it is expensive. The all-new Honda City sells alongside the previous generation model, which is now a petrol-only offering that’s priced much cheaper than the new car.