Your car’s floor mat needs an upgrade: Here is why!

Car mats are one of the most ignored parts in your car and yet they are vital to keeping your car clean and fresh. Most often we just dust our mats and ignore them for a few weeks before repeating the cycle. The floor of the car can become very dirty over a period of time since we keep our shoes on them. Your car seats and dashboard may be sparkling but the dirty floor will change the ambience of the cabin. Imagine your home with a dirty floor and you will understand how important it is to keep the car floor clean. Well, the simplest way to upgrade the car’s cabin is to change your car mats and take care of them so they last longer. Here are five types of floor mats available in the market.

Fabric floor mats

Most cars come with these types of mats from the showroom. These are the most affordable mats available in the market and can be replaced easily with new ones. However, since a lot of dirt and grime can deposit on them, they can get dirty very quickly. Also, fabric mats are prone to early wear and tears. If you want to spend less money at regular intervals to keep the car fresh and clean, these are the ones to go for.

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Rubber mats

Rubber mats are very durable and can last for a long time. Rubber mats also do not slip and stay in its place. Rubber mats are a good option if you stay in an area where it rains a lot and it is muddy outside. Since you can simply take out the mats and wash them before reusing, they are hardly difficult to maintain. However, they do not make the cabin look nice.

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3D floor mats

3D floor mats are custom built for your car and they have creases and rises that ensure a perfect fitting in your vehicle. Most 3D mats are made up of synthetic products, which are superior to feel, compared to the rubber mats. However, there are many rubber 3D mats available in the market too. The 3D mats also ensure that the dirt and small stones do not leave the carpet.

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7D floor mats

The 7D floor mats are the most expensive mats that you will find in the market. They are made up of premium materials and even get diamond stitching that adds a pleasant look to the cabin. The 7D mats are similar to the 3D mats but have higher borders that cover all of the car floors perfectly and looks very premium.

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Noodle mats

These types of mats do not require much attention when it comes to maintenance and that’s why you will find them in the cabs and such shared vehicles. These kinds of mats can soak up water, mud, grime and still look clean. However, they do not offer any aesthetic appeal.

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