Watch The Team Built Buckwheat Racing Trans Am Go 288 mph From Inside The Car At Bonneville Last Week!

When Jeffrey Ferguson sent me a “Content Submission”, which you can do as well by clicking the link at the bottom of the website, I wasn’t expecting this! I’m in love with this. We get all kinds of cool stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t expecting a Trans Am that was built in the team’s shop, from scratch, and that went 288 mph on its first trip to Bonneville during a licensing run. This thing is rad, and here is all the info and the video from the 288 mph run. This is a ride!

The Buckwheat Racing 1988 Trans Am started out as a completely stock Trans Am and was built from components that were machined or fabricated in house over the past 7 years. Based in Mississippi, the car’s owner George Gallimore and driver/engineer/fabricator Jeffrey Ferguson, did all the work to build this sucker in their own shop using a CNC Mill, lathe, and plasma table. They even painted and wired the whole thing in house.

It’s powered by a 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet featuring twin 88mm turbos, running on methanol. The Lenco transmission is a 4 speed, and is coupled to a Winter’s Quick Change out back. If the name George Gallimore sounds familiar, that’s because he’s a 2-Time Drag Week Winner and he drives a fuel altered for fun.

Tuned by Wade Hopkins at Southern Speed in Tupelo Mississippi, this sucker made 1,805 Horsepower to the rear tires at only 27 lbs of boost. The 288 mile per hour run was a license pass for Jeffrey, and was done with just 17 lbs of boost. The team is confident that they will join the elite group of folks who have been 300 mph in a stock production bodied hot rod at Bonneville, and were going after it on Tuesday morning at Bonneville but hurt the engine on their first qualifying attempt.

They worked for 7 years to get where they are at, so I’m sure they’ll be back with more confidence and good solid power again for the next one!

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