Top 10 Luxury Dive Watches for Summer 2020

An excellent timepiece is the ultimate statement of luxury for many reasons. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful design, and high-quality materials are just the bare minimum requirements for anyone to be an entrant in the saturated market of luxury timepieces. What it takes to stand out in that market is a lot more than just that, and these ten watches do so flawlessly.

Panerai Submersible Carbotech

Panerai has plenty of history when it comes to making excellent timepieces, but the brand is known now for making modern, beautiful, and highly capable Italian watches that never fail to impress. Their Submersible Carbotech watch is arguably the greatest example of how excellent Panerai watches are. A patented 42 carbon fiber case serves multiple purposes: looking good, and performing incredibly. Each Carbotech case is cut in a way that makes the pattern on each watch look entirely unique, and the technology of Carbotech allows its wearer to fearlessly take their watch up to 300 meters deep when diving.

Breitling Superocean Automatic 48

One of the timepiece industry’s household names, Breitling are known for elegant watches that aren’t afraid of some action. The Superocean Automatic 48 comes in a titanium and soft-iron case that allows it protection against magnetic fields and prepares it for just about any oceangoing adventures you might want to take it along for, and with yellow, blue, and green dials, and blue and black straps, there won’t be any trouble finding a Superocean 48 that will compliment your look.

Eberhard Scafograf 300

Being the inventor of the wristwatch, Eberhard & Co has quite the resume, and the best of their feats show in the Scafograf 300 model. This diving watch is a symbol of the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, boasting a list of features that only an incredibly well-engineered Swiss timepiece could offer. It’s self-winding and features sapphire glass, and also has a helium escape valve positioned at nine o’clock. By the way, the 300 in the name is also the number of meters it can comfortably go underwater.

Omega Seamaster

Fans of 007 know that James Bond is a man with a very particular taste. Whether it’s cars or martinis, it’s not easy to win his approval. However, one staple of his character’s uniform always manages to, and that’s an Omega watch. It makes sense why Bond would like an Omega Seamaster: it’s got a variety of straps to match any of his classic looks, 300-meter water resistance so it’s just as ready for danger as he is, and other essential traits for a top-notch watch like anti-magnetism, a helium escape valve, and the ability to self-wind.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronometer

Ulysse Nardin are known for utterly gorgeous watches, and the sleek and understated elegance of the Diver Chronometer does not disappoint. Its unmistakably nautical navy blue and silver color scheme is complemented by its incredible competence underwater, making the Diver Chronometer a hit with seasoned divers and stylish watch enthusiasts alike. The most unique feature the Diver Chronometer offers is a power reserve indicator, a gauge towards the top of the face showing the exact amount of power reserve left in the watch. That way, you’ll know exactly when it’s running low so that the Diver Chronometer never fails you.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

There’s just no watch quite like a Rolex, and there never will be. The Sea-Dweller, however, isn’t just any Rolex, it’s a Rolex that is the ultimate watch for the deep. Waterproofing with the Sea-Dweller clocks in at 1220 meters, which translates to 4000 feet, Oystersteel construction, 70 hours of power reserve, and a helium escape valve, the Sea-Dweller lives up to its name. An Oystersteel bracelet keeps the watch on your wrist and looks good while you’re at it, and a black dial with blue nighttime illumination gives it a classic, pure Rolex look.

Tudor Black Bay

Just as any great luxury watch should, the Tudor Black Bay absolutely oozes class. Customizable dials, bezels, and straps mean that the Black Bay’s elegant silhouette can match just about any outfit or style, and remain distinct beyond a shadow of a doubt. Owning a Black Bay is just as worry-free as it is stylish, with 200 meters of water resistance and bidirectional self-winding movement. Get your Black Bay with the gorgeous brown Aged Leather strap to complete the effortless look that the Black Bay exudes.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

It’s hard to find a luxury watch that strikes the balance between sophistication and masculinity as well as the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. A light, super thin 13mm case makes the watch both beautiful to look at and easy to wear, and a water resistance indicator on the dial makes it incredibly useful. Pair that with the Fifty Fathoms’ 100-hour power reserve, and what you have is a watch that is fancy, functional, and the epitome of a great luxury timepiece.

Bell and Ross BR 03-92

A luxury watch absolutely needs to stand out somehow, and the BR 03-92 from Bell and Ross chooses to stand out by being almost brutalist in its design. Its square silhouette with the raised circular bezel and dial make the watch a unique, rugged, minimalist statement that immediately tells its wearer that it wants to see action. Said action? Ocean depths of up to 300 meters, and just about anything on land. The BR 03-92 is a self-assured luxury watch, for the self-assured wearer who wants to make a statement and go against the grain.

Carl F Bucherer Patravi Scubatec

A solid luxury diving watch can come from plenty of places, but where you choose to get yours says something about you. The Carl F. Bucherer wearer, for example, cares about heritage and pedigree and wants nothing short of exquisite. The Patravi Scubatec lives up to those standards by being a watch that sets a standard for a timepiece’s potential for beauty and having the ability in the real world to back its beauty up. 500 meters of water resistance and 38 hours of power reserve prove the Scubatec won’t let you down in the thick of it. The Scubatec comes in stainless steel and ceramic with a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet, but true believers in opulence can have their bezel and bracelet plated in 18 karat gold if they want.

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