Tesla’s Cybertruck could change colour with extreme temperatures

Owners may have the option of changing the colour of their Tesla Cybertruck through a process called tempering.

The highly anticipated and controversially-styled Tesla Cybertruck may be able to change colour when heat is applied to the body.

According to a story published on electric-car website Electrek, the technique known as ‘tempering’ could potentially allow owners to choose from a limited range of colours, thanks to the body of the Cybertruck being made of stainless steel.

When heat is applied to some types of steel, the colour will change through a chemical reaction, the report says.

However, the temperatures needed to achieve these colours range from 176-degrees Celsius for a faint yellow, to 337-degrees for a light blue. Dark blue, brown, or purple can be obtained with this method.

Due to the extreme temperatures required – which are higher than the melting point of most plastics – the process would almost certainly need to take place during the manufacturing process.

One Twitter user recently asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk whether tempering would be possible on the Cybertruck, to which he simply replied, “Yes”.

Musk has previously said the pick-up would need to be vinyl wrapped if owners wanted different colours.

Considering a common cigarette lighter burns at nearly 2000-degrees, it poses the question: will this expose Cybertruck owners to a new type of vandalism?