Carlisle Ford Nationals 2020: Starliners And More Among The Fields

(Photos: Joe Grippo) Getting out to a car show is always a breath of fresh air, but this year that breath of fresh air somehow seems much more refreshing. How long have you spent stuck in the house, or staying very close to home as a result of the current events? Far too long, we’re guessing. Getting out and roaming around for a bit will do anyone some good, and hey, if cars are involved, all the better. That’s how things worked out for BangShift’s resident Blue Oval banner carrier Joe Grippo, who recently attended the Carlisle Ford Nationals. The dude didn’t just send a folder of photos over…he sent over enough photos that my computer refused to download the file nineteen times. I have to process the photos in small batches just so my computer…which is easily worth the value of a nice, used car, by the way…doesn’t have a panic attack and freak out. Those are numbers!

And the quality of what was out there? Well, besides finding a Ford Granada that I could actually consider owning (I’m a sucker for emerald green cars, what can I say?) he found a fleet of Ford Starliners, a car that was produced for only two years, and he managed to get his lens on a new Mustang Mach 1. We have a ton more to show you, so just hang tight while I get back to downloading some more pictures…

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